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Fishing Manitoulin Island in Ontario. All of the information you need to start fishing - some of the best fresh water fishing anywhere in the world! From salmon, northern pike, to walleye, smallmouth bass and speckled trout - in lakes, rivers, or streams on Manitoulin Island in Ontario

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Manitoulin Island Fishing Mindemoya Lake Treasure Island

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Lake Mindemoya, Manitoulin's third largest lake, is a popular resort area, with lakefront cottages, trailer parks and motel units. At the peak of the season, the lake is dotted with fishermen after the pickerel, whitefish, bass, northern pike and jumbo perch - for which the Ketchankookem Trail along the shore is named. Mindemoya Lake is truly unique for it sports a large hilly island, Treasure Island, just slightly south of its centre. Treasure Island gives the lake and village their name; Mindemoya, the Old Woman.

Treasure Island

Manitoulin Island Fishing Mindemoya Lake Island

Postcard From Manitoulin Island: Enchantment for children

By Susan Griffith
Published: 24 February 2007

"In the middle of a continent is a great lake. In that lake is a huge island, and in that island is a lake, and in that lake is Treasure Island..."

Not a children's story but a real place in Ontario that retains the wonders of childhood: a place where the stars twinkle more brightly, the deer emerge from the forest at twilight and the abundant fish are enchanted princes (that one's a fib).

This place is reached by giant canoe, that being the translation of the Ojibway word Chi-Cheemaun - and the name of the car ferry that connects the mainland nearly two hours away. A place of prelapsarian innocence, where no one locks their doors and you can drive the 160 km length of the island without coming across a single McDonald's.

In the vacations of my misguided youth, I was not impressed by the fact that Manitoulin Island is the world's largest island in a freshwater lake. The isle in Lake Huron was Hicksville, Ontario: full of cousins who greased their hair and considered a Farquhar's Dairy ice cream (still made on the island) a major treat. Yet all the while those family holidays were creating a childhood idyll that is just as accessible now. Today visiting children mess around in boats. They can learn to do a back dive off the end of a dock and body-surf at the pristine, dune-backed Carter's Bay beach. And since no children's story is complete without baddies, they still fear poison ivy (a three-leafed plant that can impart a vicious itching rash) and bloodsuckers (harmless water leeches).

People born and raised on the island have acquired the nickname "haweater", after the edible native berry. Haweaters don't go in for the have-a-nice-day brand of communication. More a nod and a crooked smile. But if you need directions, the islander will become garrulous: "Just carry on past the Thompsons' homestead and when you see the old Boyd place, take a left on the gravel road." If you lose your way, it doesn't really matter. The deserted roads edged with Queen Anne's lace, chicory and fringed gentian are always a delight to explore.

Sheguiandah, Sheshegwaning: the place names hint at the past of the First Nations people who inhabit them. Indeed, the island is one of the best places in Canada to encounter indigenous culture. Powwows take place in the summer, culminating in the Wikwemikong Competition Powwow in August when bands gather together to demonstrate their dancing and drumming.

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